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Production year: 2021

Duration time: 00: 01: 51min

Color / Sound

Courtesy La Fábrica

La Fábrica presents the first eight documentaries dedicated to preserving and communicating the legacy of the most important creators of Spanish culture through their own words. Available on Amazon Prime from December 3, 2021.

Video Antonio López baja
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Images of sculptures by Antonio López in Art against oblivion. Boadilla de Rioseco


Production year: 2020

Duration time: 00:01:59 sec

Color / Sound

Video: Ana Paula Melero

Courtesy Javier Melero


The video shows the complete process of creating the images on aluminum of various sculptures by Antonio López until their mounting on the walls of different buildings in the open-air Gallery in Boadilla de Rioseco, called Art against Oblivion. They can be seen, in this order: Bust of Mari, Hombre lying down and Prototype for Carmen Dormida . The printing was carried out by Strade Digital Print, the assembly of the SR360. the photography by Fernando Caballo Blanco, the video byAna Paula Melero and the coordination by Javier Melero.

Art against Oblivion, Boadilla de Rioseco.

Production Year: 2019

Duration duration: 00:00:17 sec

Colour / Sound

Courtesy Javier Melero

The video shows the assembly of a digital print on aluminum of a photograph of Antonio López's sculpture, Bust of Mari, which will be exhibited in the open-air gallery of works of art in Boadilla de Rioseco, called Art against Oblivion.

Paintings of Ávila's Roses 

Production Year: 2019

Duration duration: 00:01:07 min

Colour / Sound

© Ni-Mú Arte

From April 26 to October 31 of this year you can see several works by Antonio López of flowers and children's sculptures, which have met to allow a reflection about their nature and similarity. In the video you can see the evolution of his paintings on Rosas de Ávila, present in the exhibition.

Colloquium during the rerelease of The Quince Tree Sun at the Cine Estudio in Madrid

Production Year: 2019

Duration duration: 01:25:05 min

Colour / Sound

© Studio of Antonio López

On March 21, 2019, The Quince Tree Sun was rereleased in 4K at the Cine Estudio in Madrid, in the Círculo de Bellas Artes, presenting the new director's cut . After the screening, there was a discussion about the film, its filming and contextualization, between its director, Víctor Erice, and the filmmaker and professor, Paulino Viota.

Stamping Rosas de Ávila


Production Year: 2019
Running time: 00:14:28 mins.

By courtesy of Ni-Mú Arte

The stamper Antonio García Palomo shows us and explains how the process of stamping Rosas de Ávila engraving by Antonio López has been carried out. This process has conducted in the facilities of the Workshop Obra Gráfica Original in Madrid, by using the traditional press and combining it with the new techniques of photopolymer plates.

2015 Raíces de Europa Award


Production Year: 2015
Running time: 1:02:31 mins.

By courtesy of Raíces de Europa

Jorge Latorre interviewed Antonio López at the headquarters of Raíces de Europe on 28 November, 2015, on the occasion of the award that said institution had handed over the artist the day before. They conversed about art and its history, reality, the film The Quince Tree Sun, as well as about some of the latest projects of the painter.