The courses that Antonio instructs are not organized by the studio but by the institutions where he teaches them. Antonio currently teaches in a somewhat fixed manner three workshops that are distributed throughout the year as follows: 

 - Extraordinary Chair "Ciudad de Albacete" (Cátedra Extraordinaria Ciudad de Albacete) organized by the City Council of Albacete (usually in January-February):


 - Realist painting workshop with Andrés García Ibáñez  at the Museum Casa Ibáñez in Olula del Río in May:

- Workshop Masters of Figurative Painting (Maestros de la figuración) at the University of Pamplona (Summer):


Given that the studio does not control the selection process nor the logistics, we kindly ask you to please consult  in advance with those institutions to find out  about the details of the  courses.


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